We are delighted to be able to confirm Clares Rocket has been returned safe and well to our care.

The whole thing has been a nightmare for the team, and his owners. We were away in Belfast visiting our son Christopher and we assume the dog was taken in the early hours of Monday morning. Our other son Timmy found the dog missing and contacted us immediately.

As we are sure you can appreciate, we were not in a position to speak to any news outlets, or post to any social media platforms, for fear of jeopardising the ongoing Gardai investigation during this time.

We received calls on Tuesday evening to say that four men had been arrested and that the dog was safe. We went to the Gard station at Tipperary Town and I cannot say enough in praise of the Gards. Local officer Eddie Nugent and Detective Martin Steed, who has greyhound connections, were both amazing.

We picked Rocket up at about midnight and it was very emotional. His feet are a bit sore but he had been fed and had not dehydrated. He was very glad to be home and we were delighted to see him again. At one stage, naturally, we all feared the worst.

Thank you to all our family, friends and followers who supported us during this time.

Once again, our appreciation and thanks to the Gardai who were brilliant throughout.