Our team for the upcoming BoylesSports Irish Derby has now been confirmed and we’re pleased to say we have a strong team of 16 entries for the opening round, starting on Friday evening.

  • Ballyhale Blaze

  • Beaming Paradise

  • Blueberry Diva

  • Blue East

  • Clona Blaze

  • Clonbrien Hero

  • Clonbrien Prince

  • Drive On Tipp

  • Lenson Blinder

  • Macaroon Cruz

  • Macaroon Towser

  • Nice Charmer

  • Nitro Notorious

  • Rural Brae

  • Slippy Cian

  • Totos Park

The draw for the first round of the BoyleSports Irish Derby will be streamed live on the IGB YouTube pages and will commence at 10.30 on Tuesday morning.